Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Miss Conception of Christianity

This topic is one that seems to really get me today, as the lost world continues to assume one Christian s actions make up for the whole lot of us as a whole. You see they compare us, it is like we are under a huge magnifying glass watching our every move, waiting to see if we falter once again. Then they begin to scream at us telling us that we are not perfect a we ought to be. My brothers and sisters in Christ, this is NOT what scripture says, now will it ever say such things. The world is wrong, and we must not get angry at them for what they will not allow themselves to understand and comprehend. There are "Christians" out there who do teach that after they are saved by the blood of Christ and the grace of God, that we no longer sin and this is not true. There has never been nor will there ever be a perfect person to walk this earth as long as we are all here. You must understand that Christ is the only person to ever fit the bill of perfection, this had to be so or else his sacrifice would have meant absolutely nothing to our salvation, and we would all be going to the very place that God had not made for us. We do not belong in this place, it is the will and choice of the person as to where they go. Heaven or Hell, or eternal togetherness with God or eternal separation from God.

It may surprise some of you that I am by no means perfect, nor will I ever attempt such a challenge or claim perfection. I am a human being that is subject to the same sin as every other human being on this planet. I know as the older i get the only thing that will ever differentiate me as a Christian and those that are lost, is Christ that lives in me. that is the only difference. I was born a sinner, I am living as a sinner, and I will die as a sinner. Just like everyone else all 7 or so billion of us.

We Christians are not the same, some aren't even really Christians at all. More often than not it has become all but a label today in our society. Churches are becoming feel good places where they are told what they want to hear and no what is needed to be heard. It is more than going to church or reading the bible, heck it is even more then prayer itself. It' about realizing that no matter who we are, we all need God. We cannot go at it alone, it is through God that we get our talents, strengths, weaknesses and our love for each other. Christian isn't just some label and if you are not willing to pick up the cross in front of you and follow Christ, you are not a Christian. If you have never realized that you are a sinner, in need of repentance and forgiveness then you are not a Christian. I do not write this to be mean, or unloving. I write this because i care, I want people to know about Christ and what he did for them n the Cross at Calvary. You need Christ in your life, if something is missing in your life I urge you to talk to someone TODAY. Do not wait until tomorrow or net week or next year. This is the most important decision that you will ever make, it  is a choice only you can make friend.

-The Christian
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