Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Simplified Beauty

So on June 4th last Wednesday I had surgery on my lower right leg and foot, and I am really developing some cabin fever, but maybe that just God's way of showing me the simple beauty that life ha to offer. In order for my leg to heal properly, I was instructed to keep it propped up for the first week or so. This means that I have been laying in my bed for most of the day since Wednesday. I never realized the simple beauty of looking out the window and seeing the world flow by as the days progress. Everything outside that window of m room was created by God himself. The people, the houses and cars. Life continues without me, as i try m best to recover as quick as I am able, but I know that it's the Lords will and time. So I continue to look out of that beautiful window, if anything to help the time pass fast or slow.

My favorite thing to watch outside my window, is the Maple tree we have in the middle of our front yard. One minute the breeze will blow it to and fro, like it can bring life to its own branches and move about in a majestic manner. Then it will top as suddenly as it began, as if the wind was never there to begin with. I would like to think its the hand of god moving the branches about as he thinks he should. It is something so beautiful yet so simple and unnoticed that one would have to stop and watch in this fast paced world.

I urge you all as you are reading this to take just a few minutes out of the busy day you are in the midst of, and go outside and just watch and listen to the outside world around you, all of it was created by the hands of God. With so much thought and detail, it simply takes my breath away at God's master piece that is the world. Well thank you all for reading my thoughts, I appreciate the love and support that each and every one of you has bestowed upon me. I love you all! God Bless.

-The Christian
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