Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Church is Asleep at the Wheel

 The church seems to be asleep at present here in the united States and around the world as sin continues to creep into our lives and is becoming more accepted in our society. We continue to accept sin and say that it is alright to openly sin, but we are all beginning to forget that with sin comes consequences. The church continues to move closer and closer to accepting sin and letting it happen all around them. Most Christians today think that going to church on Sunday morning is enough, giving money to the church or completely labeling themselves as Christians when they know nothing about the very label they have taken on. Sitting in church as if church attendance is what really only matters to God. These so called Christians are also ignorant of the Bible, maybe only opening it on Sundays. The same can be said for devoted Christians as well, I myself need to read the word more, for my thoughts on that specifically go here here.

Another issue that we have in today's modern Christianity is what I like to call "feel good" churches that simply do and preach what people want to hear. These churches refuse to teach anything that will offend anybody and it is coming increasingly hard to find churches that will preach on the blood of Christ or hell or that homosexuality is wrong. If you preach that homosexuality is wrong, it is considered hate. In reality it is standing up for the principles of God. These "feel good" churches are one of the biggest reason that sin is continued to be endorsed like it is.

We need to take a stand against sin and stop letting it continue to be common place, because that isn't what sin is supposed to be. We are supposed to hate sin and repent from it and walk away. We need to take a stand against sin, even if it offends those who are openly sinning and they know that its very wrong. Churches are beginning to accept sin a okay within the church such as the Apostate Presbyterians. The world is taking over our churches, but they will never shake the true Church of Christ, the true body of Christ. God Bless you all, I hope you enjoyed reading! Feel free to share with your friends. I love you all.

-The Christian

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