Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thank You All

I just wanted to take a few moments and say thank you to any of you that have kept up with my blog these  past few weeks since I have started it. The amount of views and the areas in which readers have read from besides the U.S. are Germany, Ukraine, Russia, the UK, and Malaysia. I hope and pray that my audience will continue to build and I thank you for the support that each and every one of you has given by taking the time out of a day to read what I have to say about different topics and issues from the perspective of a Christian. I must be straight forward with all of you and clarify that I am only one Christian, and my opinions alone should not be used as the standard of Christianity as a whole.

The success of this blog mat be seen as minimal at best to most people, but I am blown away at the response that it has received over this short amount of time that I have had this blog. I can proudly say that since the first day that I started this blog to present I have received 270 views and counting, a response that I never thought I would have so quickly and I hope and pray that many of you will continue to support me as I try to grow this blog into a tool not only to my brothers and sisters in Christ but also to those who are lost as well. In the coming days I will add a polling feature that I will use for anything from blog improvements to forming topics due to user responses. I encourage all of you to also subscribe to my blog if you use email a lot because it is an easy way for you to receive updates on what's new here at my blog when I post something fresh for you all to read. It can be found on the right under my photo. 

I really hope that the things I post here will bless you all in one way or another. I don't write this blog for myself,  I write it so that others around the world may get a glimpse of how a Christian views life and its surroundings. I would like to close with a special thanks to my parents, grandparents and my girlfriend for continuing to read my blog and encouraging me to continue to stick with it. Their support by far is the reason that I continue to come back and write so that you all will continue to have fresh topics to read about, I thank you guys for that and I love all of you for always being there (my parents, grandparents and girlfriend, you know who you are).To all of my continued readers, I thank you all for taking a chance and reading one of my posts and continuing to come back to read even more. I hope and pray that this blogs audience continues to grow around the world and that people everywhere, Christians and non Christians will get an idea of how I see the world around me. I am blessed and thankful for you all! I love every single one of you, and I pray for many blessings. thanks for reading, I hope you will come back next time. See you then!

-The Christian

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