Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Last night I sat with widened eyes as I saw the barbaric, and violent actions that flooded the many major news outlets around the country who had their eyes on Ferguson Missouri.  I am sure that Michael Brown was a good kid, however this isn't about race but about a man who made a bad choice and is now dead as a result of his actions. I am almost certain that if Michael Brown had not went into a convenience store, stole merchandise from it and then proceeded to threaten the proprietors of that store then he would be alive and well today. The media has fanned the flames of this incident and has had a hand in causing all of this uneeded violence that we saw yesterday evening plastered all over our TVs and on social media.

Kids Are Dying Daily

The thing that makes me upset the most is the fact that people are quick to point out that white cops are constantly gunning down innocent black men. Racism still exists in America today, and if you think that the only ones that are the racists today you are blind. In our nation today the sad truth is that 93% of blacks killed daily in America, are killed by other blacks, the same goes for whites at 83% to the Justice Department. Where is Al Sharpton in the midst of all the violence on the streets of Chicago? The media? Barack Obama? They are silent as innocent lives are lost, yet Michael Browns life seems to be of more importance than all the others. At the same time police brutality is a major problem in our nation, and that also cannot be denied nor forgotten. They claim they are for black America, yet they are silent about black on black crime. This saddens me, simply for the fact in order to stop violence you must first stop your own people from conflicting it on each other. The problem isn't the color of our skin, but it is our actions and Michael Brown made the wrong choice and it cost him his life. He went from being innocent to criminal when he decided to steal things and threaten those who owned the store in which he stole from. Furthermore, he tried to take the gun of an officer who was fearing for his life and he made a split second decision to save his own life. 

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